Tales of Heritage II

Tales-of-heritage 2

Illustrations: Saul Field & Jean Townsend

ISBN: 0-91937-16-3 (hardbound)
Éditeur: Université de Toronto Press, Toronto, 1986. 80 pp.
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This book contains ten legends in poetic form, taken from the multicultural society of Canada : Egypt, Spain, Inuit, India, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Scotland.  The legends are composed in French and English, and then translated into the original language, such as the Egyptian into Arabic, the Brazilian into Portuguese, etc. The work has been produced first as a portfolio, then as a book, containing 10 multicolored etchings by the celebrated Canadian artists, the late Saul Field and Jean Townsend.



"The second volume fully lives up to the standard set by the first.  Professor Bouraoui's text is as poetic, beautiful, rich in nuances and appropriate to each tale as it was in Volume 1. The choice of the legends is equally felicitous." Helje Porté, Tales of Heritage vol. II, Journal of Comparative Study of Civilizations, Toronto, n° 11, 1986, p. 82-83.